7 For All Mankind

An iconic and coveted brand, born from the early-2000s craving for premium denim, and pushed into stardom by the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Fergie, 7 For All Mankind is going through a rebirth in 2017 and onward. As the Graphic Designer, I executed the new brand vision through all direct-to-consumer assets.


Email Marketing Strategy

To organize the 400,000-recipient list, and thousands of products marketed, I partnered with the Senior Art Director to build a comprehensive email marketing strategy. 16 templates, each with its own messaging, intention, and design.


I. Storytelling & Collections

Product Focus

Collections & Categories


Creative Story



II. Product Specifics

Fabric Breakdown

Fits Rundown

Product Introduction

Get The Look



III. Product Catch-All's

New Arrivals


New Markdowns

Best Sellers


IV. Promotions & Sale Events

Promotion & PIDs


$99 Denim



Brand Rebirth:

7 For All Mankind underwent a massive brand overhaul in Spring of 2018. Striving to remain relevant in an increasingly dynamic and competitive e-commerce environment, 7FAM turned to its namesake: Mankind. Kicking off with a massive We Are Mankind campaign, the company enlisted the help of 10 icons to amplify the message of mankind, with denim as the blank canvas for self-expression. 


I. Web

II. Email


III. Digital


Refer A Friend

With the relaunch of the 7FAM web platform, the Digital team requested a Refer A Friend feature — refer a friend via social or email, receive a discount on your next purchase. I built out wireframes and high-fidelity mockups to pass onto developers.