max-bone is a luxury dog label for the sophisticated and minimal dog-lover. I acted as the Site & Creative Coordinator, simultaneously managing and iterating the website while elevating and refining the brand across platforms.


Art Direction

An overhaul of the max-bone photography, from campaign to e-commerce.




An updated deck + finalized assets for contemporary e-commerce packaging.



max-bone Toiletries

max-bone revamped its essential toiletries line, particularly in packaging. I was tasked with rebranding the product, inspired by the likes of Aesop, Green Laboratorium, Grown Alchemist, and Chic Republic.



Logo Updates

A brief deck of proposed updates for the max-bone logo, including typography and applications.



High-Fidelity Comps

max-bone transitioned typographically. In order to accomplish the transition online, I built high-fidelity comps to hand off to developers.



Transactional Emails

Designed mobile-first, I collaborated with a web developer to revamp the series of trigger emails for customers who order from and register with max-bone.

Delivery Confirmation, Mobile

Delivery Confirmation, Desktop


Email Receipt, Mobile

Email Receipt, Desktop

Order Cancellation, Mobile

Order Cancellation, Desktop


Order Confirmation, Mobile

Order Confirmation, Desktop

Shipment Confirmation, Mobile

Shipment Confirmation, Desktop